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Acting out for parents and not for others is very common. Your children feel safe around you; they know that you will love them unconditionally, and they know how you'll respond to their actions and behavior. What all that means, is that they know you won't leave them if they misbehave. You'll act in some consistent way - which might be not something they ...


One possible method to try is to do the complete opposite that you do at the moment. I start off being over nice, attempting to coax him out of his tantrum. I make some jokes to try to get him to smile. I offer to help him do things. Ask if he wants to pick a bedtime story etc Do nothing. Tell him "if you need me, I'm here" and give him some time to ...


Sometimes you just need to let him have his fit because what he is trying to do is get on your nerves and a lot of times get your attention. You can also send him to a spot in the house for discipline. Like sending him to put his nose in the corner.

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