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Teaching them the correct name is very simple, it doesn't require having to make up names, or work out what to translate as, and as they grow up they won't face any embarrassment in class from using a 'baby' name for something others know the 'grown-up' name for. And I'd certainly be more embarrassed for them to use a play word than the correct terminology. ...


While children are very young I like using simple expressions like "bottom", "privates", and "chest". However once children are old enough to start noticing specific parts I would move on to correct names. I feel this way because using correct names too young can be confusing and refusing to use correct names at all can have negative effects you would ...


I'd say start with the real names unless it makes you too uncomfortable to discuss issues like hygiene using the proper names. Being open to discussions is more important.


My 6yo has SM. First, if she has SM, you should give up any expectation that she might talk in your class. Without the chance for her to practice whispering in front of you, it is not likely she will make that leap. Let her know that you will sometimes ask her a question but that she can find other ways to answer if she is not ready to speak. The less ...

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