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This is a totally normal behavior. Forcing the child to speak now will not do much good. Soon your child will find friends with whom it would be more exciting to talk and play, and the issue will be resolved on its own.


That's consistent with my experience as well. If you're comparing him to the kids at preschool/daycare, if he's only been there a month he's going to have a hard time fitting in right away - that's normal. Nonetheless, my son was at daycare since 6 weeks old and still didn't play with others much at two. Two year olds - and even many three year olds - ...


My little guy is about to turn 2 and is much the same way. He's generally content to do his own thing, even at the park with lots of other kids around. He seems happy and does interact when he feels like it, so we aren't too worried about his apparent introversion at this point. As for speech, he loves talking and mimicking. But my youngest brother was 3 ...


That all sounds very normal. Children this age play side-by-side more than they play with each other. And language develops at different rates for different kids. Between 2 and 3, vocabulary usually grows to about 200 words. 50 is a good start. For further reading: Speech and Language Developmental Milestones (Department of Health and Human Services)


Talk to your doctor and get a diagnosis. If might be simple, short and easily fixed. My daughter spent nine months going to speech therapy in kindergarten, and that was it. In the case that your child has a learning disability that requires speech or language therapy, your local school district must provide it from age 3 through 18 or 21 at no cost to you ...

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