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Speech is not the only medium that relies on phrasing and pacing of what is being conveyed for the effectiveness of the communication. Specifically, I'm thinking of music; jazz musicians in particular are very highly attuned to these aspects of their performance. I don't know how much interest your daughter (or you) have in jazz, but there are some ...


There's nothing inherently wrong with speaking rapidly. The truth is, is that the speaker is understood more often than they are not when enunciation is not an issue. Take, for instance, reading... If you were to occlude the bottom half of every letter in English, one would generally still be able to read. I remember reading somewhere that that's how the ...


I was a fast speaker growing up (still am) and was constantly reminded to slow down. It never really helped. Then at some point I was given the advice to remember to breathe. That did the trick. I found that focusing on remembering to breathe forces you to take pauses which naturally regulates your pace.


I was a very, very fast speaker as a child, and continued to be so until I was 15 yo or so. While everyone pointed it out, no one really made me feel bad about it, which probably helped a lot. Also my Dad was of the opinion I spoke so fast because I thought too fast which made me feel really good!! But I was constantly advised to speak slower, and I always ...

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