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Please see this PDF called the Denver Developmental II. It represents normal milestones in development and is used around the world. The white area in each rectangle are the normals; the blue areas are the "late but not off the chart yet". Off the chart indicates a need to probe further. As you can see (I've added the arrows at 22 months), by now he's ...


It might be worth getting her hearing checked, a sudden change might indicate a change in the feed-back loop between what she says and what she hears. At age 4, my son's adenoids closed off his Eustachian tubes thus filling his inner ears with liquid and reducing his hearing significantly. Many children's Eustachian do not fully develop until the age of 8.


Speaking in sentences and asking for things in sentences are two somewhat different things. If the problem is just asking for things - ie, he'll talk about things he's interested like trains or cars in sentences - reminding him to ask in sentences is the right approach; eventually he'll learn to do so. My three year old still has trouble asking for ...


If you worried because you think your child is considerably behind in learning to speak, then you need to have a few things checked. Start out by getting the ears checked. If they seem to be OK, but you're still worried, have your child checked neurologically. Note that it is not uncommon that boys take a bit longer reach a certain speech ability than ...

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