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I have an 19 year old, who spoke one word a day at school for 2 years, "here", when the teacher called her name for class register. Please believe me it will get better, take the advice given above and invite a few classmates round, please note the plural, don't restrict their safety net, widen it. You don't have to invite 2 or 3 kids at the same time, but ...


He clearly feels safe and secure with you around, and much less so when you're not around, which is normal to many degrees. We have had some issues with this kind of thing, and what we did was to make friends with one of the other parents at the daycare, and then he has a friend we can invite round and play with consistently. Once he then feels safe with ...


My 4yr old does go to daycare for half a day and it certainly has improved her independent social skills. However, I know from observation at school and teachers that they will certainly intervene if there is a dramatic argument and help the kids work it out. I think at this age they need to be guided socially for the best result. Grandparents as well.

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