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Go the Cold Turkey way and Never stay with the toddler.in.the bed till they fall asleep as.it may encourage their Attention seeking Behaviour. If this doesnt work, lock the child.in.his room and dont unlock till the next morning . ( but this is little harsh)


First off: Happy birthday to your son! 2 years old is a very interesting time for a child. By then, children have started to get a real grasp on the world surrounding them. They already interact with peers. In a few months your son is likely to start to become self-aware ("Bobby wants..." becomes "I want..."). Language and communication abilities are going ...


Getting used to sleeping in your own bed can be really tough for a child! If you try to do this completely and finally, cold turkey style, you're going to have a harder time of it. If you make it a slow change, it will be easier. It also sounds like your child has his own room, but also has a cot in your room? If that is true, I feel like that might give ...


Well my kids were good sleepers but I do have a suggestion, if he can jump from his cot, put the cot on the ground! Or get rails of some kind. Every kid is different but my son had an attachment to his binkie that was getting worse and worse, then we noticed that his front teeth had a gap, so we decided that he needed to end that. So I started telling ...

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