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"Lullaby for babies" 1 or 2 make my 11-months old fall directly to sleep. His favorite is Sound 3 from "Lullaby for babies" 2. You can download this from Google Play, it's available for all Android versions. Personally I have an old Android 2.3.1 phone, dedicated just for this. The time of play is adjustable from 10 minutes to 7 hours.


If you have an old iPhone or iPod you can play any playlist and set a timer I'm the timer app selecting "Stop playing" for the "on timer ends" action. This will work even if the device is plugged into a set of speakers.


Via Wikipedia: Some clock radios also have a "sleep" timer, which turns the music from radio on for a set amount of time (usually around one hour). This is useful for people who like to fall asleep with the radio on. My alarm clock has a button that turns it on for exactly 59 minutes, and I often use it . This is 1990's technology, so I'm not sure if ...


Some noise all night is often a good thing. We use off and on a white noise machine that plays soft sounds, like ocean waves or rainforest sounds or similar, and it seems to help my sons stay asleep sometimes. Soft music probably also falls into that category (though it's not free of course in any event, hopefully it's a fairly low energy using device - ...

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