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Although it's hard to change the way that you've been putting your child to sleep now that it's such an ingrained habit, it's not too late - you can do it. From when they were tiny, I would let my babies go to sleep in my arms and then I'd put them in bed and that's how they were used to going to sleep too. The way that I transitioned them was: Make sure ...


At this age, a smaller bassinet with close sides might feel more comfortable than a giant crib.


When my baby was that little, we got her to sleep in the crib using a travel co-sleeper. It's like a bassinet without legs, and is intended for putting in the parent's bed between the parents so that you have a safe place to put the baby during trips. We put the co-sleeper directly in the crib, so she would be used to the crib itself, but still have the ...

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