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It breaks my heart to hear how badly things have gone between you and your ex-wife--this has no doubt been a VERY difficult time for your daughter (and you). Even an amicable separation is hard on kids, due to (at the very least) a significant reduction in the time they spend with their parents. Let's face it: even if the time is spent with each parent ...


Disclaimer I have seen some rough stuff. That means that part of this letter is written essentially speaking to those other people that I knew. The things that I'm going to say are good for them. I hope you are not as lost as they were. It will make the suggestions even more effective. If you happen to be less damaged/lost then some of the content of ...


1) One part could be, that is, if you can, to set up an automatic bank transfer to send 50€ extra every week to support the child at each monday at 9:00 am, same time every time.

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