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Facilitate communication between them. A preschooler especially is still figuring out how to articulate feelings, wants, and needs, but a six year old isn't perfect either. (The hardest part of this is that you have to decipher what the true feeling/want/need is that underlies the argument!) Try to redirect when you see a conflict beginning. This can be: ...


Kids aren't very good at listening or telling exactly what they need. This can get confusing/frustrating, especially with two kids try to talk to each other. Solving problems is something that needs to be learned. girl 1 has a need girl 1 doesn't say her need very well girl 2 doesn't listen well to what was say girl 2 understand something completely ...


Try to reduce the gap between them. If gap increases means the relationship between them decreases. Don't forget to look your health situations. :)


Everything you're doing sounds perfectly fine. At that age angry outbursts are normal. Just be patient and in time they should subside.

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