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This is a procedure we apply (works also for activities other than sex): Make sure toddler is asleep Turn on your wireless baby monitor Do whatever you need in any room (except bedroom), break and check when you hear some noise from monitor.


Ask the child to excuse your for a minute. Then, dress up quickly and attend to the child's needs, if any. If he/she brings up the topic, then you might have to discuss about sex. If he did not see much, you could probably pass it off as cuddling. If he saw too much, then you will have to explain everything to him, obviously in a way that he can understand. ...


Of course you can just have sex in front of a toddler. If he/she is busy playing or reading or whatever, he wont notice. And if he sees you, you show him a smile to show him, that everything is ok (because it could of course irritate him if he sees you during this event for the very first time). After that smile you just go on. The problem with this method ...

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