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That's 4 more kids than would have been if everyone else except your son were into soccer! So he is lucky to have any friends to celebrate with. How about that for a re-framing ;) It's nice that you are concerned about your son having a great bday party. But here is how I would look at it. What's wrong with having a birthday with only a handful of his ...


Give them a reason to like it. Tie it into subjects they do like. If he hates writing, but loves insects, ask him to write to a science magazine to cover it. But explain that he needs to use proper grammar and spelling to make sure the company reads the letter.


I would suggest reading the book to her, several times. While you're reading, follow the words with your finger, so she can follow along. After a few readings, suggest that she be the "finger-mover," while you continue to read the words. Once she's comfortable with that, get her to start reading it, but tell her you'll fill in any words she can't get. ...


You say that the other children are mostly older, up to a year older. I assume that means that your daughter is basically a year ahead of where children normally are, right? Both from personal experience and from some studies on the matter, I would recommend that in most cases, even very smart or gifted children see benefits from going to school at the ...


Keep in mind, it is very difficult for a teacher to match up an appropriate level of reading difficulty to a particular child, even with specialized training. There's at least some chance this is more than a confidence issue. At any rate, make sure to validate her feelings, not minimize or dispel them. Say something like, "You're right, this book does ...


For the immediate problem: Have you tried just covering half the lines with a piece of paper? It may really just be the 8 line looking horribly much, and if she can see that it really just is 4 lines, and then another 4 lines, just as before, it may help. Segmenting big problems into small ones can be a challenge eve for an adult, so imagine how hard it ...


I know that children are more attracted to T.V, video games, and other activities than parents, but I think that if children are doing such type of activities so there are some mistake of parents. First of all we have to change, then we can expect that children are more attentive with parents.

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