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Another option is online communities. There are many parental/school-related local communities on FaceBook/G+ etc... (I know our locality - which is a small town - has a couple, some very specifically centered around specific shared-value communities). You can try searching community names for "locale+school" or "locale+parents" or "locale+families" Find ...


As a proponent of Home-education and a former classroom educator and advisor, I'll chime in on advising that switching now is probably not the time (sorry). Instead, I would focus on getting your GPA up and figuring out how to explain the earlier low GPA in an "exceptions" essay. Even if you started homeschooling now and got a 4.0 (With clear proof a 4.0 ...


If you are considering moving you may want to talk to a real estate agent. A good real estate agent should be able to tell you which town is best for what you want and which area of town and maybe even which school.

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