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The internet is an increasingly large part of our everyday lives, being a major platform for media, entertainment, and communication, and providing an enormous ecosystem for business and jobs. Because of this, children should learn to use the internet from an early age. An important and almost defining characteristic of internet communities is the ...


If this was a sudden development and he had never spoken of monsters before I'd be more worried about the possibility that there is actually something threatening your son, but if his imagination has always generated monsters I'd be inclined to suspect the threat is in his imagination. "Monsters" can become very real to kids, and once that reality takes ...


It is certainly a threat, however numbers are very tricky to get hold of. Having worked in the field of information security, privacy and forensics for the last 17 years or so, this is a question that gets asked of me a lot. I tend to lecture on the dangers of the internet, and then point out to the audience that I still bank online, and I use Facebook, as ...


I let my 4 year old and 3 year old stay alone for many minutes at a time but the bathroom door is wide open and i take that time to put away the many baskets of laundry that are ALWAYS around😉 and also to tidy all the bedrooms upstairs the whole time just not in the bathroom.


It is so vital to support the head and neck of a newborn baby. This is because if you allow the head to loll back for even a relatively short period of time, it cuts of the supply of oxygen through the trachaea so that they can suffocate. Try holding your neck backwards for as long as you can and you'll see precisely what I mean!

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