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Snuggin is another great alternative that I haven't seen mentioned. What makes Snuggin unique from other products on the market is two-fold: You're able to attach multiple items to Snuggin so you can not only attach your baby's favorite pacifier to Snuggin to make it easier to hold but you can also then attach Snuggin to your baby's car seat, high chair, ...

0 This is the link they should have a blue one like this for boys as well. It has worked very good for us and I see a few others on under baby floats they have a lot more stuff online than instore


My 19 month old son does not know how to counter his weight yet his feet come right up behind him and he goes face first every time we bought a suit with a blow up tube made in it and it came with a blow up ring that I sit him in and it keeps him upper body out of the water and he can't get out of it or flip it over but he never leaves my side either he ...

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