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Since your child is older, it is best to teach them to listen responsibly, since you will not be able to control what headphones they use in the long run. Some iPods and iOS devices have volume limiting options built into the software. You might try this before investing in a new set of headphones. ...


What you need is a set with a built in volume limiter. Many children specific sets have this feature, some more effective than others. A quick Google turned up this roundup review of children's headphones from PCAdvisor http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/feature/audio/best-headphones-for-kids-3460018/


Unfortunately this is not actually possible. That 'scientifically proven' bit is not true. The problem is that if you play loud noises into the ear, you will begin to damage the ear. Headphones and earphones are much closer to the ear so the noise levels felt by the ear are much louder than you may expect. The only safe way to use earphones is to play them ...


I let my 15 month old play with an unplugged cell phone cord with full undivided attention. Perhaps 15-20 minutes a day just so that he can play with it and to fulfill his curiousity of cords in general. I'm near him while he plays and my hope is that he will grow tired of strings and cords. When my baby is curious I try to encourage him. I feel like he ...

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