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I bought a puddle jumper in 2012. Then the weight requirement was 20lbs. I began using it with my son at 11 months old. I bought another recently and noticed the change to 30lbs. I will be disregarding the change as my eldest child was quite safe and secure in his puddle jumper at 23lbs and 11 months old. We were not notified of a recall or a weight change ...


Little humans are incredible things. We're born with a lot of instincts, many of them actually related to climbing — for instance, if you put your finger into the palm of a newborn baby, they will instinctively grab onto it, even when asleep. This is a throwback to when losing your grip on that tree branch was a fatal mistake! It takes a long time (9 ...


You said your self that the baby let go of the fence it's a instinct that you are born with.


With a bit of luck, this may remain a hypothetical problem - the "Lego phase" might dwindle down soon or your younger one might turn out to be a child that actually doesn't "eat" every crumb he finds on the floor. (We were lucky in the latter sense.) But it's always better to be prepared. The first meassure is always to separate the toddler and the pile ...

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