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This may be a little short for an answer, but it feels too much for a comment, so: Try keeping the following in mind: to your mother, her religion is an important anchor to who she is, and why she is still around. Most of the comments that disturb you may just step from worry about you, wish she voices from HER context. To her, this is how SHE would approach ...


I wonder, does your mom have other things to talk about? Clearly she used to. Have things changed? If they have, you can find things to do and talk about together. A book you're both reading, etc. You can't control how your mother speaks, how she thinks, what she believes, etc. You can only control your own actions. But you can talk to her about it, and you ...


Might I suggest a good, age appropriate Bible. The Jesus Storybook Bible is excellent. You'll enjoy reading it. It's the whole Bible condensed to 122 pages with pictures, and each story forms part of the big Jesus rescue mission arc. Your daughter can then make her own mind up.

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