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I live in Texas - much empathy! When we moved here our children were in middle school, and one of the first things my children's new friends asked was "What religion are you?" They had never encountered this before, but here in Texas many families, including children, identify heavily with a particular religion, most often a Christian religion. There were ...


First of all, recognize that the refusal itself wasn't inappropriate, just the manner of the refusal. It's okay for people to not want to actively participate in activities that are contrary to their beliefs, whatever the source of those beliefs. religious or secular. Jesus actually faced similar criticism many times. Just look for any stories mentioning ...


If your children have specific questions about why you're not participating in certain religious activities, I would answer them honestly without attacking the subject. You could say you have questions about X that you haven't found answers to and because of that, you cannot participate without feeling hypocritical, or that you feel it's disrespectful to ...


Regardless of what strategy for explanation you choose, you and your partner should be clear about your stance and what you will present to the kids. A loving, supportive, environment will take care of the rest. If they kids don't ask questions, it's not a big deal.

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