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Please look into buying a book called 123 Magic. I can't praise this book highly enough. One of the things it allows for is to provide consequences without engaging in any arguments with the child - basically allowing you to disengage in useless debate/discussions about bad behavior. Please see this answer for more details on the method and it's advantages. ...


My son was in a very similar situation two years ago. In addition to my follow up answer, I would like to add that the main thing we discovered is there was almost nothing we could do at home about his behavior at school. We offered everything from spectacular rewards down to harsh punishments for a year, to little avail. He stopped taking his frustration ...


Pick a good book and read with her. Alternate chapters, one a night. If she has a short attention span under those conditions, you'll see it and you can make further inquiries in that direction with your pediatrician. On the other hand, if she can pay attention for 30 minutes reading to you and being read to, she might just need to learn to focus her ...


Ask your pediatrition. Those words are often used by teachers to tell you they suspect ADD. Teachers are not medical professionals so are not supposed to suggest your child might have a particular medical problem. So a teacher is not supposed to say, "I think your child may have ADD."

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