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I'm going to skip over the entire religious part of the question and answer what you should do about the much simpler part: If a teacher physically assaulted your son over a verbal debate, you should take legal steps. This person is unfit to be a teacher. You should talk to a lawyer.


Your son sounds totally normal. He has his group of friends and one of them is a better friend than the others. Personally, I have my friends and then I have some friends who are closer than others. I would be willing to bet you do too. So that part is totally normal. The fact that he gets upset when he can't go play with this friend seems normal too. ...


First, assess more precisely whether she can miss one session. If you fear asking the production manager while ruin her chances in the audition, perhaps you could ask advice from other parents who had kids in previous year's Nutcracker instead. Then, when you have all elements in hands, I would suggest to let your daughter choose. Help her weight the pros ...


I think your last comment is on the right track. If you don't think she is understanding the consequences, help her to think through them. Eg., she may just have a small part this year, but having the experience might help her to get a larger part next year than if she didn't participate at all. I would not go to the ballet company and ask for an exception ...

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