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First of all, keep in mind that many if not most children are not really developmentally ready for formal academics until age 7 or so. I don't know where you're located, but here in the U.S., recent academic standards are set mostly by politicians, and don't always line up very well with early childhood research. It used to be that schools didn't even ...


Your question is about learning but your post is about reading. For reading you probably want to concentrate on synthetic phonics. Find a bunch of different books and set aside some time each day for fun reading. Fun reading can be anything - snuggled up cozy in a pillow-fort den, or active and with lots of motions and acting and voices. You can get ...


Have you got her checked for Scotopic syndrome(Light Sensitivity)? I am reading this book Teaching Outside the box and according to this, this is a fairly common problem which hinders people from reading. This book has 2 entire chapters on reading related problems which the author experienced in her teaching career. Here is more info.


Two things : firstly, do maintain and develop your child's Czech language. The ability to hear (and subsequently produce) the subtle sound contrasts correctly vanishes with the critical phonetic period... at the age of 1. So you should not miss it. secondly, for alphabetical languages such as English and Czech, I recommend you just wait until your child ...

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