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I decided to throw this answer in here for completeness, to be a little more general. It depends. My first was 4 weeks early, and we calculated based on his actual birthday. This was based on advice from our pediatrician. (and he did, and he caught up on height/weight by 6 months) However, 4 weeks is not that early (given that in the US, 3 weeks early ...


The first thing to keep in mind is that every premature baby is different. There are a wide variety of things that can potentially go wrong. The NICU medical staff has a lot of experience with premature babies, and they will draw upon their experience to assess what is going on. As a parent taken by surprise, you have had no preparation and no training, but ...


Mine was a month early too, and her pediatrician seems to expect her to hit things based on her birthdate, but said not to worry if she was late. For instance, she wasn't social smiling at 6 weeks, but was at 10 weeks. My sleep book (Weissbluth) says to expect babies to develop sleepwise based on due date, not birthdate.


My daughter was born at 26 weeks. We stayed in the hospital with her for 3 months, and she had a portable apnea monitor at home for several months after that. Keep in mind that babies, even full term ones, breathe kind of irregularly. Additionally, respiration monitors are prone to short periods where they don't register breaths very well, especially on ...

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