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I would like to add (to expand upon @Adam Davis' comment) the concept of infant mortality. Because of our civilisation and technology we know that by even some basic intervention the risk of mother or child dying in child birth can be reduced. In the last century or so we have reduced mother's death in childbirth from 1% (my great-grandmother died in ...


No, you're not over-reacting. The health care system exists for everyone. People go to the Emergency Room for far less serious problems than your wife has, and that's fine (I work in an Emergency Room.) Please know that doctors are sympathetic to this situation. I can think of almost nothing worse than to be nauseated 24/7. Normal nausea of pregnancy ...


Dehydration is a condition which is potentially very serious, especially for pregnant women (http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-complications/dehydration-pregnancy/). I'm assuming she's tried a number of remedies for nausea (dry crackers is the one I've heard most often) and nothing is working. In case it helps any, I've heard from most of my friends ...


I'm 6 wks pregnant and my 6,5, and 4 yr old told me the same thing.. they told me I was pregnant and and I took a test came out negative then I went to the doctor took a blood test came out positive. Children can just tell you things before you know them. My 4 yr old is cranky

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