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If you don't want kids, get a vasectomy! Don't leave the birth control to someone else especially if they want a big family.


Ideally the friend would be conscious enough that, even though e-cig smoke is claimed to be harmless, she would opt to refrain from smoking around a pregnant woman or at least ask if she minds first; of course not all people think of these things. Given that she's visiting a friend, and assuming the friend isn't socially conscious as described above, then ...


During pregnancy it would be wise to 'feed' your wife exactly what she wants. In all seriousness though, my own observation is that this is a myth. My wife likes all sorts of food that our children wont eat. Also each child has their own preferences even though she ate pretty much the same things throughout both pregnancies.


Listen, I am in the same boat as his wife. I want 4 kids and my husband wants to stick with 3. It is a hard thing to figure out. Some people say that both should be on board with more children. In a perfect world, I agree with that. However, shouldn't both also be on board with stop having children. Why is it ok for the wife to get her dreams crushed? I ...


I guess when.we see our newborn baby, a exact name comes to us which suits perfectly on.the child and we can't think of any other name for them. I guess other factors for naming include: Easy to pronounce Popular at the same time, not too common Beautiful meaning which fits with the child Pretty and feminine( if its a girl name) Masculine ( if its boy) . ...

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