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She should certainly not be blamed for his behavior, but (speaking from personal experience) it is very possible that she does provoke him. They will both grow out of it eventually, but in the meantime, if your daughter indeed does or says things to your son that are not nice, put some blame on her as well (although obviously less blame than for hitting). I ...


Tell your child that abusing and hitting is not acceptable. If your son is jealous because of the attention that may be his sister recieves, then hug him and tell him how much he means to you.


Have you tried letting go and not talking to her about this? To me this sounds like a control issue. This is one thing she can control, so she probably does this to feel in control. Stop focusing on this, stop chaperoning her to the toilet, stop the rewards, treatments, punishments. She probably doesn't want to talk about it because it's embarrassing. I ...


There are online 'parents of encopresis' support groups. A quick googling came up with several. Interacting with other parents in this situation may help you, and might give you ideas on what to ask your child's doctors. When encopresis is this entrenched, you need a multidisciplinary specialist approach: if she has never been hospitalized, she should be, ...


I, too, am struggling with the uncontrolled laughter of my 22 year old son with ASD. He has always laughed occasionally at inappropriate times, but now he is older, more is expected of him, and it is very disruptive at school and at home. He, too, laughs when I get angry at him--I do believe that anger is a frightening emotion for people on the spectrum ...


If you want to show a child that something like homework is important, then you need to show them it's important and not tell them. I would set aside time with him specifically for working on homework, and help him with it. The best learning most often happens at home. In this case, you're not only helping him learn his school material, but you're teaching ...


I would suggest you lock your bedroom door during the night if you are scared of what the kids will think. But I feel it’s better to be frank with children, as then they can share their problems with you.

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