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Could be from the child being shamed, caregivers being really negative about changing dirty diapers.


I think the answers so far are not reading the question. It's not about moving on from nappies, but how to stop the nappy pant leaking. I would look at different brands. The cut and size can make a difference. The clothing worn make a a difference too. Trousers will keep the pants in place. With a good waterproof mattress protectors it needn't be a big ...


Oh the drama of potty training...I've been in the child care business for over 10 years and have three grown children of my own, and here is my advise; STAY HOME AND DO THE JOB RIGHT. I get that there are a few families out there that maybe think the pull up thing worked for them, maybe it did because their child was ready, but the only sure way that I've ...


First of all, congratulations for your success with EC so far. My son started potty training around 32 months, which seems to be very close to average (girls tend to be a bit quicker), so you've made tremendous progress despite the current situation. This sounds like a typical example of the "two steps forward, one step back" pattern in your child's ...

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