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35 minutes of sitting is WAY too much for a 1 year old, I wouldn't even do that to a 10 year old. You can't force it. The way to do it is make the child excited about the potty, read potty books with her, and give rewards, NEVER punishments. Sitting for 35 minutes is a punishment. This is a happy time to learn new things about life, not boot camp. Be ...


You may simply be too soon. Usually 22 to 30 months is considered the "standard" age. With Our first daughter, we tried to "push it", and it turned into a horrible, long drawn out mess. On the flip side, we didn't force the issue with our second daughter. Then a few days before Preschool, we realized she hadn't yet learned. Our oldest said "No Problem ...


My son was a bed wetter until he was 8 and his father and I split. I mean it stopped as soon as he left. Maybe stress?


It really should pass, however I know that the addition of shame can prolong and even make the issue worse. Waking her up with break up her sleep and make her more tired. My experience is that bedwetting is best solved with rewards and celebration of success. Ultimately if it continues to 10+years old there may be trauma that is contributing to the ...

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