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My son was trained by 18 months. One day he told me he didn't like the way the plastic felt on his legs. I told him if he didn't want to wear the plastic, he would have to tell me when he needed to pee. He said, "Okay." And that was it. He only had one accident and that was because I couldn't find a potty for him to use. Wish I had used a bush like Jax! ...


Learning to release at will comes after learning how to hold it in. If your daughter is able to stop peeing once she starts, she's really almost there. All she needs to do then is to be able to start again once she reaches the potty. Keep her bare bottomed as much as you can so that she continues to get the feedback of how the full bladder feeling is ...


My son was a good bit older. He would be almost potty trained and he would get a nasty sinus infection. The antibiotics and the resulting loose stools set us back a few months each time. Don't sweat it, don't compare yourself to other kids, and treasure the little ones as long as you can.


At 6 months they pee every 20 - 30min, almost always after eating / nursing / drinking or after waking up and they usually have to poo after eating / nursing because the new food puts pressure on the intestines. If you start holding them and not sitting them down, the additional pressure of bend knees makes it easier to relax. However, this is for the young ...

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