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How can you or I tell if our bottom is clean enough? Clean enough implies primarily that: The bottom will not be uncomfortable, as it sometimes is when there is some fecal matter remaining The bottom will not smell or leave (many) marks on the underwear So, for the one, he has wiped enough if his bottom feels comfortable, and in general if it continues ...


As long as the tissue paper is not clean white, it needs to be wiped again. It helps to have baby wipes (fresh wipes) that are moist and clean the area faster and with less irritation.


If you can afford it (it's not really all that expensive), keep the kid on flushable wipes, which you can find in either the diaper or toilet paper section. It's not just kids' stuff anymore anyway! Adults are nowadays being more demanding of their hygeine, and thinking of their bottoms as something that needs to be washed after every BM to be properly clean;...

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