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Sounds like he's a social kid with a lot of energy. How often does he go out to see other kids? How often does he get outside? My almost-three year old does play with toys, but he's honestly happier 'bouncing around' or outdoors. Kids are unique, and some tend more towards imaginative play with toys, while some tend towards social play. Overall, it ...


Maybe don't push it, they might start to resent each other. They'll surely end up doing something together, which you can note and encourage. With age they will surely start to enjoy each other more. I remember family games of monopoly with my younger sister by 21 months. Not sure what the 14month can play... rock, paper scissors? At this point you ...


It doesn't seem that peculiar to me. My friend's 5 year old daughter loves "reading" from adult books (i.e. turning the pages while telling stories about princesses and mermaids). It's fun to make up stories, and "reading" them just gives the imaginative play some context. Can't that be it?


As kids advance sometimes they will go back to previous behaviors because they are comfortable and make them feel good.


Try activities where the older brother's more advanced skills help younger brother do something at his skill level. Have older brother build block towers for younger brother to knock over. They could play peek-a-boo. Older brother could "teach" little brother about body parts (cheeks, chin, elbow, hand, foot, etc) by pointing at and gently touching an ...


The answer to this depends in part on your locality. In the US, some states have no minimum age for it to be legal to allow your minor to be unsupervised, while others do, as old as 12 in the case of my home state (Illinois). Now, that's not necessarily an enforced law, and undoubtedly is meant primarily to apply to fully unsupervised minors (ie, parents ...

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