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This is a little scary in my mind. What on earth could you have been arguing about that caused him to "lose control" in proximity to a bunch of 9 year old girls? This is inappropriate behavior on his part and I would strongly suggest some marital counseling or anger management. I come from a background with abusive family members and I can tell you from ...


People are human and every couple fights. While not every argument is a door slammer (ideally none of them are), it's very likely that most if not all of the girls there have heard their parents argue before. But what the girls may not have experienced before is being in a relatively strange man's house while he is out of control. It is a frightening ...


This is indeed tough. This is what I'd do if I was in that situation. First I'm hoping you spoke to the kid's and somehow tried making it okay. Organize another sleepover where you'll be the one entertaining them just for them to gain your trust back. Buy some gifts and give them during the sleepover. Now for the parents, you just have to come clean. ...


You can try looking at for the audiobooks you have and checking the categories they are under adult children teens and then checking out any reviews, as coarse vocabulary is usually mentioned here if it was a surprise.

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