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As a stay at home mom (of an almost 4 year old) who left the workforce due to relocating for my husband's job I can relate to your wife's situation. Being around other women in a similar life situation can be encouraging. Her feelings of isolation and being worn down are quite common, especially when one has a weak social support network in their life. It is ...


How is your son's behaviour? And specifically, when he's just with your wife? Perhaps he is so demanding because of behavioural issues. Is your wife fit? Starting an exercise program may make her feel much better. Running is free. I suggest going to as many parent/child groups as she can. In the UK there are lots of these groups and they're cheap. Even if ...


Have you found any colleagues at work with kids? Ask them for suggestions. While they might not have kids of the right age for playdates, they may know of other families through their daycare, church, neighbors, etc. Also ask about free opportunities in the city for families.


If you are in the US, you might suggest she check out your local public library. Most have many free programs for children. It's also a great way to connect with other mothers. Even if your wife doesn't go to the programs with your child, it's an outing to a safe place, educational for both her and your child. She will see friendly people, and she can check ...

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