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For completeness, though Im not necessarily recommending this... In the NICU, they rolled up a receiving blanket, taped it as a tight roll, and then taped the pacifier to the end. It gave a good long tool to hold the paci close to our girl. And though we use this, it's not without risks. In the NICU, the kids are on monitors all the time, so if there are ...


Ask her what she thinks will help. We did this with our daughter, and she opted for putting a sock on that hand at night. Which works pretty well. I'm sure she's more willing to do it because she thought of it herself (with a little bit of gentle guidance).


Sterilization using solely water or steam would indeed take more than five minutes. Steam that is just at 100°C would take close to an hour and a half to completely sterilize the vessels - and a better process is to repeat it several times (Tyndallization, referenced in that article as well). However, you're not just using steam here; you're also washing ...

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