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Sterilization using solely water or steam would indeed take more than five minutes. Steam that is just at 100°C would take close to an hour and a half to completely sterilize the vessels - and a better process is to repeat it several times (Tyndallization, referenced in that article as well). However, you're not just using steam here; you're also washing ...


The penny or m&m method: Give the child ten pennies (m&m's, raisins, whatever they like) at the beginning of the day. My Mom did this, and it worked wonders for the kids that were suckers. Each time the child was caught sucking, Mom would tell her (smiling) she owed a penny! For a five year old, the thought of being able to keep ten cents all for ...


My daughter did this too from a newborn. Every parent thinks their child is extremely intelligent but even our doctor told us she's very advanced, so my point is she was smart enough to know that if she dropped it. .. mom shows up! I would hold it in for her and if I moved my hand away a little she'd pop it out just enough to hit my hand to make sure I was ...


Ask her what she thinks will help. We did this with our daughter, and she opted for putting a sock on that hand at night. Which works pretty well. I'm sure she's more willing to do it because she thought of it herself (with a little bit of gentle guidance).

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