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Even I have twins 11 mo old and one of them is somewhat underweight, tiny and very Fussy. She loves crying and constantly pokes and loves troubling her Twin sister. So I let her CRY. It helps in removing pent up frustration and makes her Feel better. I wait for 15 minutes to let her stop crying by herself and when she does stop, I pick her in my arms and ...


Maybe you've already found your answer, but it is possible that your 3 week old was trying to increase your milk supply for the days ahead? Both of my babies nursed a lot (!!) at 3 weeks. I felt like a human pacifier. Then, they went back to the usual 3-4 hour wait between feelings.


You actually might not have to wake to feed. Infants will sometimes be able to nurse even while they are sleeping. I would definitely ask your doctor at your 1 month checkup (make sure growth is on track). We had issues and were told to let ours drink as much as she wanted and then let her sleep as long as she wanted unless it was getting close to 5 hours. ...

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