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Nope. If you would be more comfortable keeping an eye on them, there are mirrors you can install that allow you to see them in your rear view mirror. However, you will be wise to watch the road instead of the sleeping babies in the back seat; every newborn I've ever met just sleeps in the car so you won't be missing much.


Urine is sterile leaving the bladder but doesn't stay that way for long; it is an ideal growth medium for bacteria. I would rinse it out. There is nothing terribly wrong with getting clean water in your baby's ears. You will not get water in the inner ear (that is the third and deepest part of the ear) or the middle ear (where ear infections occur). The ...


Just a few drops of urine is entirely inconsequential. You can wipe away any wetness that is on the skin and in the outer ear, but don't do anything inside the ear canal. If it's a lot then you could wash the outer ear just like you would during bath-time, but still leave the inner ear alone. The fresh air often encourages a bit of peeing but as I mentioned ...


Talking to baby and interacting is extremely important. Even though he is 2 months old, it will help him with his emotional and language development as he grows up. Speech delay is one of the common problems parents face when their kids do not start speaking by the time they are 18 months or so. There are lot of benefits of talking to your baby, when they ...

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