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I agree with Eric's comment above - the concern is probably that they will fall off the ceiling or wall off and get into the crib. There's also a chance, if the decal is meant to be semi-permanent, that a child could scratch at the decal and peel it off the wall if its in reach. If you sealed the decal to the wall (glue, or a clear coat over top) you ...


The most important thing is to be aware of the signs of depression in general, and to seek professional help even for apparently minor issues. You've already got that covered because of the preexisting condition, which is good -- keep it up. Post-partum depression is often not just due to hormones, but also the stress and sleeplessness of being a new ...


Sleep deprivation really feeds into PPD. So the simplest thing you could do for her is to help her to have the opportunity to sleep as much as possible. You giving the baby a bottle once in a while so she can sleep uninterrupted for a few hours could be really helpful.


That is a tough one, as we cannot "make" ourselves happy, etc... One bit of advice is for her to exercise. It is well documented that exercise can help lift people out of a sad/depressed state. You will need to do it with her to help motivate her ( I know depression makes me not want to exercise ), and figuring out which exercises are good for her will take ...

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