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What steps can I take to help her make new friends once we move? Try to register her at a sports club and/or music school (something like that).This helps deflecting the old friends (as a 6 year) and then she should find new friends (mostly) at her age, very soon...


Have you considered co sleeping? This way you dont have to worry about A hurting your younger baby B. Once your younger kid attains 3 years of age, you can shift him.in the same bedroom of A. So this way, they will have a playroom and a bedroom.


Taking the long view, I think the key is to get mementos. Photographs (group and individual), perhaps even a video. The teacher can provide a large piece of paper and let each student in her class write/draw something -- even if it's just the child's name. This can go on the wall in her new room. A year, two, or three from now, you want her to be able to ...

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