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From your question, I assume that your daughter is emotionally and mentally capable of attending school and/or working. I also infer from the question that she's never left home, has never had a job, and still acts like a teenager. If my inferences are correct, the issue may be that she has never emotionally matured because she never has had to do so. The ...


Find the subject he likes, and get books that are similar to his interests. The important thing is that the books catch his interest and make him want to read. Slowly ease him from graphic novels to real books. Read to him, but stop in the middle of suspenseful parts. This will make him want to read. It's cruel, but it works.


I am sorry, this is a tough situation. Many people have mentioned the possibility of depression. Now, I am not going to diagnose over the internet, but your daughter is showing some signs of it (not getting up, not being interested in personal hygiene); however, other things you mention, like wearing jeans and sneakers are not a sign of depression and make ...


Perhaps you too often tell your daughter what is wrong with her. Stop giving her assessments. It is better to talk to her about what she wants from life, and not about what you want from her daughter. Perhaps you control too much and hence she does not control herself and makes you out of spite. This suppresses it. Imagine that you still control your mother. ...

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