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A lot of this is obviously opinion based, althoug he has done very much he should not forget that without them he whould not be here in the first place they have been there for 3 months, what is that in a life time. Yes it is inconviend that he has to help them and it is hard. But now that they may have found another place he doesn't want to move them ? ...


Most children who are older and have bad feeling towards their parents have it due to malformed boundaries. It's likely that the issues with finance and moving house etc are actually surface symptoms. The real issues are more likely to be around the personal relationship he has with his family, since I know that if I have a close and positive relationship ...


Some factors to consider are hours, time of day, and number of kids, but for me personally I like the parent to consider how their kids act. If the kid is a spoiled brat (not in anyway implying they your are) then I would expect the parents to pay a little more than if they have a relitively good child.

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