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Explain it to him as it is, in such abusive environment where they rip the childhood out of the children you have no choice but to be honest as the damage has already been done. You should explain to him that he might get executed and those whom he love might get hanged, if he is smart enough to ask questions about Allah then he is smart enough to figure ...


Different people read for different reasons, and have different levels of talent at the formal analysis aspects of it. I think your sister enjoys it as an escapist activity, and there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. She doesn't necessarily have a disorder either. Kids develop at different rates, and she probably just got a little behind at some ...


Maybe she can't process the information. Language Processing Disorders refers to heard information, Reading Disability refers to problems with written language. About 20% of the US population may have some symptoms of a reading disability. If she's okay with heard information, but struggling with written information, she may have a reading disability. The ...


I think you need to just let them hold your hand because before you know it they will not want to hold your hand.

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