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This could be the early stages of schizophrenia. I have catatonic schizophrenia myself and I remember well what it felt like as a child before I came to understand the illness. You've pretty much described it. The disease varies greatly from person to person and a huge amount of what you see on TV or hear about in sensationalist stories/otherwise is ...


What you describe makes me think that she is not only starving for attention, but for physical contact. Is there anyway that besides the 'chores' you do with her, you can do something that involves snuggling? Like watching a family movie, reading a book to/with her. You might want to think of her need of physical contact and attention in terms of a ...


Get her father to take her one weekend day per week without you, so you have time to recharge. After all, she's his daughter, not yours, even though you seem to be doing a much better job at parenting than her actual parents are.

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