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This actually depends entirely on your culture, and your child. In many cultures, kids are kept very segregated from the deceased. In others, they may be a core part of the family group at an open casket wake. And in others, they may help care for the body as it lies in rest prior to being buried etc. I have taken my kids to funerals of their ...


For a funeral, basically the same rules as for other social events apply. So answer the following questions and decide accordingly: Can the child do what is expected of him? Would the child be able to behave in a way that would be considered appropriate or would the situation demand some action (or non-action) from the child that would be too much, e.g. ...


I would like to share my experience with you after everything has happened: One day before the funeral I took her and explained very clearly what we are going to do, why and what will happen. Children have a very clear language. So I explained that he died, that means we will never be able to visit him, talk to him again or even see him anymore. We were ...


just one caveat to my suggestion that it's ok...no open casket. In all other ways, a young child can be a great help to other grieving attendees. Actually, one more caveat: be prepared to leave quickly if the child goes tantrum.

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