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I'm sure there will be more detailed and informative answers, but to start things off: Show her how the math she's learning now (at 14, probably some variety of Algebra, possibly Geometry) will inform later studies in a wide variety of subjects. Sure, some of algebra is a bit boring, but you have to know how to solve X=2X+4 before you can master physics, ...


I completely agree with Joe's answer but wanted to add an example from my experience. I found math in middle school and high school to be as boring as rocks. I was lucky, because my dad bought back some books on fractals and I could use some programs (and write some myself) to see how math was involved in: the Mandelbrot set measuring the coastline or ...

2 has a lot of resources. Practice problems, hints, how-to videos. There is a myriad of open source textbooks out there too. These are mostly college texts, but there are also some high school texts. There are a lot of homeschooling resources out there too.


A math teacher friend of mine recommended Saxon or Singapore. There are a ton of resources available for each. Based on some research I'm going to go with Saxon.

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