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you may want to try carrying your child in a sling or baby carrier (there are many to chose from at all different price points) instead of holding them. We used this brand successfully https://www.mayawrap.com/ . Also when picking up a child or anything heavy/awkward make sure you squat instead of bend over at the waist. Hope this helps.


You plan a day. You ask them what they want to eat. You then write a shopping list. (You might want to buy some food magazines so that you can cut out pictures of food and use some glue-stick to stick them to your shopping list.) You go shopping. You show them how to buy fruit and veg and meat (if you eat meat). You come home and you cook and get them ...


For younger kids: One thing that worked for us (once the kids learned to read) was a 2-prong approach: Explain in detail the heathfulness of specific ingredients (starting with "junk"/"good for you" at early age, to more in depth science later on). Have them read all the ingredients on any item in the kitchen, and discuss the items overall healthfulness. ...


For us it was two simple information radiators: the shopping list on the fridge and the weekly meal plan hung up nearby. Once a child could write, if they used something up they had to write it on the shopping list. If they wanted something we didn't have, they had to write it on the shopping list and we generally bought it. Yes, this resulted in some ...

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