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Rather than answering all her questions correctly and fully, what is important to help her develop a scientific mind is to spark her interest in the scientific method: The steps of the scientific method are to: Ask a Question Do Background Research Construct a Hypothesis Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment Analyze Your Data and ...


I agree that you should NOT blame anyone. You are very kind to take in troubled family. You should not blame your niece either, and I hope you get professional help with her behavioral problems. Some of the things sound very normal. My 4.5 year old cannot remember what he did in school. I ask him about his lunch, who he played with, what lessons the ...


I've heard it said by educational psychologists that the most educational thing about an 'educational' toy is the box it comes in. That statement also backs up my own experience and that of other children we know. As a rule of thumb, the more 'educational' a toy appears, the more it is likely to be an annoying piece of electronic garbage. Most stores are ...


The keys of the regular acoustic piano are quite "heavy" that initially limits the duration of the lesson. I do not think that getting tired is dangerous but do not push on playing further if the child says she is tired after 20 or about minutes of playing.

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