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Be natural and use both languages. I would emphasise the language of the culture, just for assimilation, but Children are sponges. They can easily learn both languages. And learning both languages early may make it much easier for the child to pick up additional languages in the future.


As other people have said, it's hard to say without knowing your goals. You will probably want to speak to you child in your best language, even if it isn't the community language and even if it doesn't have the prestige of some other language. (You didn't say which, so I'm definitely not making a judgement on what is a more prestigious language) If you ...


The simplest answer is whatever works for you! It's a great opportunity to teach your child both languages and for them to be exposed to both your culture and your husband's culture. Many bilingual families have different methods which work for them. Sometimes the mother speaks one language to the child and the father speaks the other. Or both parents ...

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