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I have found that it comes along as I have corrected my daughter's speech over the years as well. At the age of two I'd say she's doing just fine. According to this chart, she should be barely understandable. Sounds like your child's speech is on track, although it doesn't cover when you get into present versus past tense. According to this site, your ...


Children develop at their own speed. Especially language shows a lot of variation. Some start early and form complex sentences soon, others start early, stay at the one- or two-word stage for a looong time, then catch up and some are virtually mute, then improve drastically and "never stop talking" again. If you search around here at Parenting SE there are a ...


That looks quite normal. You shouldn't worry for at least 12 more months.


If your son has an immediate family member who only converses with him in Hindi, he will become a fluent speaker of Hindi. The language development may progress a bit more slowly than his English, with more people speaking English to him, but he will learn the language. However, as he gets more verbal, your son may not initially seem interested in learning ...

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