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Hiring an Indian babysitter/nanny who speaks Hindi, and secure bilingual daycare, are probably the most effective strategies for raising a bilingual child.


I'm a kid from parents living abroad. Anecdotally, I myself forgot my parents language. My nephew moved to another country 10 years ago at age of 8 and now cannot speak his native language. Your daughter will speak French PERIOD, since it's what she will listen at daycare, school and friends. Letting her be exposed to other languages at early age is not ...


I have two children with special needs and both have speech and Language difficulties. We moved from the UK to abroad and our children not only picked up the language but one of them retained their English so is bilingual. The other one is actually able to understand English just prefers to speak in the other language which he of course hears all day every ...


It appears that children don't learn language well from television because they need interaction and conversation. It's not so much that the "picture on a flat device [isn't] a person", but more that the child doesn't get a response when they try to talk back to the picture. In one study, when children had a conversation over Skype with an adult, they were ...

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