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Your son is getting used to moving his arms and exploring the world. Some handy advice can be found here and here.


Some kids that young are just not on the day/night clock yet: Most infants take about 12 weeks to show day-night rhythms in the production of melatonin, the “sleep hormone” (Rivkees 2003). Circadian changes in cortisol--a hormone that helps regulate waking--may take even longer to emerge (Rivkees 2003). And, overall, babies may take 3-5 months before ...


Our doctor also encouraged it due to feeding issues. In my experience as a mother of 1, an aunt of 16, and babysitter of many others: sucking their thumb also helps the child be more self secured in their toddler years.


I read this article and it explains well about the baby food in the first year. Baby Food Stage 1: Birth to 4 months What to feed: Only food for infants is breast milk or infant formula to meet all their nutritional needs. Recommended milk is breast milk only. You should start giving formula or any other substitute in case breast milk supply ...

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