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Good question, and I see where you would be concerned. First, I don't think the breast milk had anything to do with it, because formula fed babies are usually fatter, and you've got the opposite going here. Instead, it seems to be more about the exercise Sneha gets that Rose doesn't. If they eat the same amount of food, but Sneha burns it all off while ...


Put a heating pad in the crib beforehand, let it warm up and remove it just before putting in the baby. Along with the advice about waiting for deep sleep and being gentle, this really helps. Again, do not leave the heating pad in the crib with the baby.


Practicality. Not every baby is going to be the same, and guidelines for one baby are never going to be perfect for another baby with the same attribute, regardless of what you decide to base it off of. Age tends to be used as a baseline because it's the only abstract thing that all babies do equally - age. Say for your example you have two babies ...


Spaghetti, linguine, fruit peelers, string cheese, chives, and noodles all seem like reasonable substitutes for wires.


My little one does the exact same thing and noticed that it is every time he feels sleepy. I guess he doesn't understand the sleepy feeling that's why he tries to comfort himself that way. I just rock him slowly to sleep while we struggle a bit.


I realize this was posted a long time ago, but I figured I'd answer so that when other moms search the topic, this might help. This happens to me with my six week old. This is the conclusion I've drawn... The only real option, I'm realizing, is to gently hold it in her mouth (almost just catching it as it begins to fall from her mouth) until she's in a deep ...

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