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Assuming you're talking about a baby carrier, Yes. You can wear an 11 month old on your back. Some details: It is recommended by Babywearing International that you wait until a baby can sit unassisted or with minimal assistance before putting him or her on your back. This is because being able to sit indicates a level of neck & trunk control that ...


When they can roll over themselves, then it's ok to let them choose their own preferred sleeping position. Just be sure to use light-weight coverings, and when you put them to bed don't pull the covers up too far. If you live in a cold climate, put more clothes on the babies, rather than heavier coverings. At 7 months, it's safest if the babies can ...


I used the baby bjorn carrier with my daughter and never had a problem. I will say that in the summer time I just put her in a short sleeve onesie and that was it. All babies are different though. Your baby maybe a little bit bigger than my daughter was, when I used it and maybe his tummy rubs more on the the carrier while you're walking, causing friction ...


One of my twins did the same thing at that age. Just put them to bed on their back and if they roll over, they roll over. Not much you can really do about it.


My youngest son slept on his belly and so did my oldest daughter. I just made sure there was no pillow or loose sheets were near their faces and only allowed them to do so when their cribs were close to my bed.


Crush tums into powder inside a zip lock baggy using a wooden spoon to crush til it's powder. Put a pinch in baby's mouth if he or she seems to be in pain after eating. If baby calms down then you know that was likely the problem. Works like a charm for my son.

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