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At 7 months, she may enjoy the challenge of the dexterity required to pick them up successfully, as her motor skills are becoming finer somewhere around now. Why does she try to eat them? Because, first, that's one way 7 month old babies experience the world they live in (after all, putting food in her mouth is pretty rewarding; she wants to see what else ...


From your description of your living space, I would recommend keeping the baby in the bassinet in your room, at least for the first couple of months. Newborns, especially breast fed ones, wake every 2-3 hours to feed. Having the baby close is convenient (no stairs) and lets you respond before the real hungry-angry crying starts. It's much easier to feed a ...


Spaghetti, linguine, fruit peelers, string cheese, chives, and noodles all seem like reasonable substitutes for wires.


Having the experience behind, here's a list of things to remember when preparing: General trip preparations a sufficient supply of diapers, unless shops are certain to be available a set of clothes 1.5x times larger than the minimum for the amount of days you will be spending on the trip (feel free to modify the multiplier if you feel your baby is ...


I went through this recently with my now 8mo. When she was about 6.5-7mo (see this question posted by my husband on this site), she fell into a sleep regression after being weaned off the pacifier. She was sleeping in a pack & play in our bedroom and when the regression showed its ugly face and we were forced to change something to help her sleep, we ...


We roll a soft blanket and lay it along side of her. She sleeps with her head turned sideways so this allows the soother to stay propped but if she needs to push it out of her mouth she still can. Doesn't always work but buys us time. Hate constantly getting up to put it back in! She is 2 months old.

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