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I say, in a clear firm tone "please can you wash your hands before continuing?" If I wanted to be delicate I would say "Sorry, but I didn't see you wash your hands. Would you mind doing so before you continue? Thanks." In England it is always acceptable to remind clinicians about hand hygiene and patients are encouraged to do so. I would raise a ...


Doctors certainly feel dejected if they are being drawn attention for their hygiene. Being a healthcare provider, I know this. That's because advising something about their profession (how to examine a baby does include washing hands with sanitizer and that's what is taught to all child specialists) is nothing less than advising fish how to swim. It's ...


First off, the doctor must wash his/her hands after entering the room, period. The doctor opened the door with his hand, right? That's a (major) point of contagion right there. Unless you're in some futuristic practice with automatic doors, I would never excuse the doctor from not washing post-entering the room. Second, unfortunately, doctor handwashing ...


I would ask in a curious, not attacking way something like : "Don't you need to use these?" (pointing at the sanitizer) "I always thought doctors offices were really picky about those..."

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