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Should I let my son keep doing it, or try and explain to him that it's not good? Just let him pee. He would be probably the first, who ever died (or became sick) after peeing periodically in the bath (assumed,of course, that there is more water than pee in the bath).


For a child who is potty trained, or at least is physically ready for potty training (often happens around two, but it varies significantly), this is approachable in a very simple way: ask him to use the toilet prior to the bath. At some point, often around potty training, this will become voluntary for many chlidren - like our three year old - who is ...


A few ideas for you to consider: Have her knock on the wall to call you when she's done -- or just go stand at the ready when you hear the water go off. She can lean to one side, open the door a few inches, and let you check her, before she goes to the trouble of drying off and getting dressed. Buy her a visor (it's like a baseball cap without the dome ...

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