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I have some experience with this as a parent! So speaking from experience: there is no set age at which you can tell what a child's sexual preferences, gender identity, gender expression, political tastes, favourite baseball team, or preference for cats versus dogs are/will be, but there is one critical thing you can do to make that age earlier than it ...


EDIT: TL;DR -->I do not believe there is an age cap. From the moment the child is born, they learn from their surroundings and parents how to act/react to all situations. Some parts of a child are nurture (how they handle anger, gender roles, etc...), some are nature (liking sports vs art, etc...), but children are just experiencing life, they do not ...


At the age that the child tells you. You don't "discover" another person's sexuality, that is something each person finds for themselves.


A person may discover their preferences, or find new preferences, to almost anything at any point in their life.

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