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IMO 4 years old is far too young to consider homework. When I was in grammar school, homework was work not completed in class (and there was plenty of time given). Rather than treating these packets as homework, try incorporating it as part of your one on one time activities. Make a game of writing the letters and give her time to instruct you as well. ...


According to research, homework for preschoolers is an educational trend without any real benefits to the child. Of course, that doesn't mean her school will be responsive to that point of view. However, given that, I wouldn't push her too hard, there's some evidence that can be counterproductive.


I agree that 4 is very young. My oldest is very interested in writing and reading. He didn't get homework, and I don't think you need to practice 'doing homework'. Personally I think it is time to do it later. If you want to practice letters though, incorporate them in something fun that shows WHY you write them. My son really loved signing his name on ...

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