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Poor little thing! Have you tried some baby massage techniques http://parenting.stackexchange.com/a/16670/11605, these can help to get things moving and be soothing for the child. Also, agree with the prune juice and other high fibre fruit and veg as well as plenty of water. Beans/Legumes/Lentils are also a good source of fibre.


The Nose Freda is a nasal aspirator that you control with a tube and you do the sucking. It sounds gross but it's not....haha....it's snot!,!,!. Haha. They cost around 16$ and I swear by it. Much better than a bulb. But the mucus must be softened with saline or steam. The nose part goes to the outside of your lo's nostril and it's connected to a tube that ...


My 5mnth old had hers done its been 24hrs and she bled quite abit so we had to stay until it stopped they used something to stop the bleeding-forget what its called.she was in pain all evening afterwards but nursed quite well i also noticed dark colored bowel movement which is not her norm but im almost certain its from swallowing blood.today it looks ...


As a child I would regularly confuse the words blue and orange. Like your son, most frequently I would use the word blue when I meant orange. Note the distinction here: I confused the word blue for orange not the 'quale'. In my head I had a clear image of the colour orange, but vocalised the term blue. I do not suffer from colour-blindness. As time went ...

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