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I took my 12 month old on a short (but uneven / rocky) hike near Tahoe last year. If I were to do any sort of hiking again, I would definitely recommend the following: Wearable Baby Carrier with some sort of waist harness - I used the Baby Bjorn Mesh Baby Carrier Active for the hike. With the baby carrier properly adjusted I felt like my little one's ...


Expose your child to bright light (like a clouded sky). Not too long, of course. A large percentage of people will sneeze when exposed to bright light. See photic sneezing.


As a general rule it is probably best to avoid cannabis smoking in pregnancy, but the primary evidence for this is based on the smoking aspect - many of the same compounds that make smoking tobacco in pregnancy potentially unhealthy are also present in weed. We have very little evidence either way as to whether THC itself has any effect on pregnancy - it's a ...


did your children behave the same way? One of ours did. Heck, her preferred sleeping position ranged from sleeping on her KNEES - with legs folded, head down, and butt up - to completely unnatural and painful looking something which resembled letter Z for lack of a better description, since well before 1YO can we somehow encourage more laying on her ...


I think sitting up at this age is good for her - even if she's going to some extremes. One of the things that babies work on with sitting is their balance, and that's a precursor to walking (and crawling to some extent). It both helps them have a sense of balance, and helps strengthen their abdominal muscles, not dissimilar from an adult doing sit-ups. ...


Sometimes, when a baby learns something new (sitting, crawling, standing, walking) they want to do it ALL the time. They can even wake themselves up to do it at night, it is that exciting. did your children behave the same way? when sleeping, my babies would never just lay down when tired. They would cry, and when they could sit/stand do that. We had ...


Well a good tip is to almost force you child not to. I do not mean to harm your child but for example lie down with the child and put you arm lightly over her stomach so she can't sit-up. Do it very lightly. Eventually if you continue to do that she will adapt.

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