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Yes you should have him checked if you are concerned. Because 4 flights would probably wind me if I went up them as fast as I could and I'm an adult at a healthy weight, that's not really athletic. It may be that hes just winded from exercising. However other causes could be something Asthma related, maybe allergies, and possibly being out of shape. All ...


When my kids were small, accepted wisdom was that they should sleep on their stomach. This is one of those subjects where the advice keeps changing. Before they can roll over on their own, I would follow doctors advice, which currently is to lay them on their back. Once they are able to change position themselves, it would be quite inconvenient to monitor ...


One of my twins did the same thing at that age. Just put them to bed on their back and if they roll over, they roll over. Not much you can really do about it.


When they can roll over themselves, then it's ok to let them choose their own preferred sleeping position. Just be sure to use light-weight coverings, and when you put them to bed don't pull the covers up too far. If you live in a cold climate, put more clothes on the babies, rather than heavier coverings. At 7 months, it's safest if the babies can ...


My youngest son slept on his belly and so did my oldest daughter. I just made sure there was no pillow or loose sheets were near their faces and only allowed them to do so when their cribs were close to my bed.


Crush tums into powder inside a zip lock baggy using a wooden spoon to crush til it's powder. Put a pinch in baby's mouth if he or she seems to be in pain after eating. If baby calms down then you know that was likely the problem. Works like a charm for my son.


My daughter had extremely bad reflux as an infant, and eventually had to go on medication. Before we moved to that step, our doctor had us try several things to help her: Smaller, more frequent feedings. Less volume in the stomach, less likely to overflow and force stomach acid back up the esophagus. Feed in an upright position. Burp more frequently ...


I am not a doctor, but my understanding is that reflux does resolve itself over time. The problem is often that the valve between the esophagus and stomach is underdeveloped, and can't keep the stomach acid out of the esophagus. Once the child matures and that valve has a chance to fully develop, the problem often resolves itself. In the meantime, though, ...


Try some baking soda and water. Just a small amount


First I would like to say I'm very sorry that you are dealing with this. I delt with this issue a lot with my boys at the same age. I would love to have some sort of fix-it-all answer for you, but I don't. However, I do have some advice as to what NOT to do which I learned through my own experiences. 1) Stop beating YOURSELF up...we all do it. Parental ...


What does your SO think about the behaviour? You have a better chance to change your daughter's behaviour if you stand united and both try to change her. I think you should try talking to your daughter about her behaviour and ask her to change and if she doesn't you need to take some actions like don't give her money, won’t buy soda for her and so on.


I'd say make sure that she knows everything about contraception. That she takes condoms with her - I'd insist on that; if the subject is embarrassing her that's good to know but still insist. On the other hand explain to her that a male wanting sex without having contraception with him himself is useless and must be avoided. Make it clear to her that a baby ...

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