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This sort of thing is really common. My 8 year old has been training at half marathon distance (walking, jogging and running) for 6 months now. Her idea - she's raising money for a charity helping one of her friends. My eldest two have been doing triathlons since the age of 9 or so, and again, all their own idea. They were given the option of full training ...


At a young age children are better equipped to fix problems through revisionist story telling. Have him talk about seeing the scary book and laughing at it. Or that the pictures weren't scary, but silly. Change his reaction to it rather than trying to have him reason it away. This is a technique used with adults to 'rewrite' painful memories. You adjust the ...


You should talk to kids like kids. bringing a logic of that is a fiction works for older kids around 10 to 13 years old. make him believe in a hero or higher power that saves and protects him [like himself, when he enters the room call his name heroically! ] and you should make him fight that fear not ignoring it and leaving it behind.


During the first two weeks of pregnancy there is very exchange of substances between the mother and the embrio. And the pregnancy, by definition, actually starts at the moment the woman supposed to have her period. So one may say that the first three weeks are actually quite safe in regards to drinking or other substances use or abuse. After that, however, ...


According to this average height for 13 months old girl is 75.2 cm and average weight is 9.2 kg. So your baby's height seems pretty normal. However, at this age the growth trend is important. Your pediatrician should have a record of height/weight at different ages and compare it to what is considered to be normal.


It's an interesting question and one we discuss often in our home. My kids and I have just returned home from our longest walk here in Sydney so far. My wife and I have been walking with the kids since they were born (actually right through both pregnancies) and before they could walk - on my back for probably thousands of kms. Now when given the option, ...


What your kid has seen was obviously a traumatic experience, and I strongly recommend that you seek professional help in your case. Even if you can 'fix' the actual problem, the trauma might otherwise remain hidden for many years, resulting in irrational fears later. There are general steps on how to deal with the situation, but it requires a good ...

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