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Although Pavel may be entirely right for your situation several other possibilities exist. A. His answer from one extreme, the child has been abused at night & desires to feel safer at night. (unlikely given some of the other context clues) If it's the case, she'll need to know it's safe to tell you even if the abuser threatened her if she tattled. But ...


As a parent from opposite side of allowing childern to sleep in same bed, I can tell you info from same feeling group of parents: The kid is communicating that something bad happened to them It might be something trivial (like having issues with friend in kindergarten) or something serious (feeling sick, feeling threatened...) You can try to change ...


I heard recently about one strategy. When the child want to talk to a parent who is talking, the child places his/her hand on the parent's arm. The parent then places his/her hand on the child's to let the child know that he/she has been heard. This avoids the interruption, and validates the child's right to speak.

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