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It seems to me, your concern is more about consumerism and too much "stuff" more than it is about gifts and gift giving itself. I have to say, I've seen kids get piles and piles of gifts on special occasions to the point that they still don't appreciate the gifts they've been given. On the other side of the coin, there are times you see something that ...


I liked GdD's answer to this one if the problem was really a lack of understanding, but since it was actually the "high-ball technique" we woundd up just giving her two things (one from us, one from "santa") that we just knew she would enjoy. She learned, we couldn't be manipulated. Then the Easter bunny brought the puppy ;-)


Only if you want to. Both the parents and the child will know the gift has been given. The only difference between giving it before and during the party is who knows. If in your area of the planet everyone knowing is important, then make it known; otherwise, it is already known by those who matter, so party on!

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