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What we did for a few days: I (the father) slept with the baby on a separate bed, with a water bottle ready. When he woke up, I cuddled him and gave him a bit to drink and he would sleep on. The idea is that when the baby smells the (still lactating!) mother, he/she gets hungry. As said, a few days broke the habit and weaning was relativly smooth. Of ...


Are you co-sleeping or does he sleep in a crib? Have you tried Dr. Jay Gordon's methods? they are for co-sleepers but the idea is the same and can be tweaked. Basically the first week you shorten the time you feed at night, the next week you pick up and rock or pat, the third week you ignore the cries. It's a gentler way than going cold turkey all at once.


One thing we found was that our kids tended to fall asleep very easy when they were breastfeeding during the day. Get a little food, get the warmth of mom's body, and it's lights out even in the middle of the afternoon. So we started making sure they did not do this. We'd find ways to keep them stimulated even as they fed during the day - play with them, ...


We sort of have the same problem, at 10 months my little girl is waking up usually 3 sometimes 4 times a night. Quite often it's 3 times a night that she actis like and doesn't go back down till she's fed a bit. That to me, and our pediatrician says 'hungry.' This occurs even now with our new bedtime routing which is bath, book, breast.... So, she is ...

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