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First, the disclaimer: I have not tried the following. I would try to give your child something that is solid but sweet. When it has thrown it away, give it some soft food that is not sweet and doesn't taste so good. Try this at every meal. Later it will recognize that the solid food is better and give it a try.


I believe the "why" is best explained by experience and example. And that example should be you and your husband. At 2 years old, your daughter doesn't have the attention span to listen to all the research on why sugar is bad for you. And even if she did, she doesn't have the foresight at that age to realize that healthy habits now lead to a healthy body, ...


The truth will help, as follows. Sweets have pros and cons. Pros: Tastes good Some candy has caffeine, which causes a little boost Cons: Appetite is satiated so less healthy foods are eaten. This will hurt in the long run. Each day is part of the long run. Sticky sweet candy sticks to the teeth and causes tooth decay. Note: Non-sticky sweets pose ...


You wrote Saying no without explanation never worked with me. I won't expect the child to follow orders without knowing why. One of my philosophies is When you tell you children "no", what they really hear is, "I'd better not find out when you do." Based on my philosophy, I applaud yours! So, the kudos somewhat aside... We have force and ...

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