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Meat, in and of itself, isn't something that you must eat any particular amount of. Many people are quite successful vegetarians and vegans, even as children, and on the other side of things, well, many children have meat-centric meals at least as much as you describe with no ill effects. The important consideration is the diet as a whole, and what effect ...


The recommendations on how much of a particular food group should be included in a healthy diet give amounts per day, and aren't so concerned about which meals each item is included in. Depending on which set of guidelines you look at, a seven year old girl should be getting 3-5 ounces of lean proteins a day. Here are a couple of links to charts that break ...


Use sunbutter or wowbutter and jelly. They are peanut butter substitutes that are supposed to taste exactly like peanut butter, but are both 100% peanut free! I have a peanut allergy and I eat it all the time.


There are a few possible causes. It may be that your son likes the taste or texture of dinner, even though he is not hungry, and therefore he chews on the food but isn't really motivated to swallow. It may be a control issue: he's essentially saying I don't have to swallow and you can't make me, and that grin definitely points (at least in part) to him ...


We used Almond Butter, it looks and tastes comparable but contains no peanuts. But the camp might have problems with that too, although they are generally made specifically as peanut-butter substitute and are thus safe for peanut allergies.


I don't know if the behavior is "normal", but it's certainly something I've heard of before (though not something my kids have done). It's probably largely what you say - a small rebellion. Children around two are learning that they have some control over things, and they like seeing what that entails. One of the things he has control over is eating - ...

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