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Maybe she is playing with the sound of chewing. We adults ignore it; but chewing is quite loud for your own eyes if you pay attention. By pulling, the sound changes. You will know when your child have an ear infection, it will be pretty obvious.


My daughter had extremely bad reflux as an infant, and eventually had to go on medication. Before we moved to that step, our doctor had us try several things to help her: Smaller, more frequent feedings. Less volume in the stomach, less likely to overflow and force stomach acid back up the esophagus. Feed in an upright position. Burp more frequently ...


I am not a doctor, but my understanding is that reflux does resolve itself over time. The problem is often that the valve between the esophagus and stomach is underdeveloped, and can't keep the stomach acid out of the esophagus. Once the child matures and that valve has a chance to fully develop, the problem often resolves itself. In the meantime, though, ...

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