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The massage several other posters have described (and that worked for us) was called the "I love U" massage - there are several demos on YouTube under that name, if a video of the technique would help. You might also want to look at the Windi. It's a catheter that reaches past the muscle that prevents the release of the gas with a built-in stopper to ...


I agree with user4270 and that answer depends on the babies weight as well. So long as there is no evidence of reflux or excessive spitting up/vomiting there shouldn't be an issue. I would recommend keeping them out of sight and spicing up your menu. Children often become fixated on one kind of food, so changing things up like, introducing Cheerios or mashed ...


I've tried all the above with my little guy. One day I tried something new: I laid him on his back (try to get baby to relax if you can, it works much better) and I took his knee and crossed it over to his elbow. Left knee right elbow, right knee left elbow. Works every time. The farts come right out, it's amazing.

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